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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Boston Shamrocks Hockey Academy (BSHA) at Pope John XXIII High School?

Answer: It is Boston’s premier, first and only FULL season prep school hockey program. It combines elite level Tier I AAA hockey with a prestigious co-ed catholic prep school education at Pope John XXIII High School.

Questions: Where is BSHA Located?

Answer: Boston Shamrocks Hockey Academy plays at the Allied Veterans Rink located at 65 Elm St, Everett, MA 02149. Pope John XXIII is located at 888 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149.  Just 3 miles from down town Boston.

Question: What makes the BSHA different from other area Prep Schools?

Answer: The Boston Shamrocks Hockey Academy plays a full season hockey schedule from September through March while other prep schools only play hockey during their winter term of December through February. The Boston Shamrocks Hockey Academy will play between 55-65 games while other prep schools typically play only 20-25 games. Pope John XXIII’s support of the hockey program allows players to develop on and off the ice while also getting an exceptional education. PJHS provides tutoring and extra help to our players so that they do not fall behind in any of their studies.

Question: Why should I attend BSHA at Pope John XXIII High School?

Answer: You should consider attending BSHA if you are looking to play a full season of elite hockey while also receiving a top notch education at a co-ed college preparatory high school. Attending BSHA will allow you to develop as both a hockey player and a student at an exceptional rate. The exposure you will receive as a player during our season will be unmatched.

Question: What type of education will I receive at BSHA at Pope John XXIII High School?

Answer: Pope John XXIII High School has a reputation of a rigorous academic curriculum and a dedication to fostering compassion, justice, dignity and truth within a global community.  All BSHA students will take a full course load of 7 credits, with the exception of seniors who take six credits. Advanced Placement courses are offered in Biology, Calculus AB, Chemistry, English Literature, English Language Composition, European History, Physics, Spanish Language, Statistics, & United States History.

Question: May I play hockey at BSHA and still attend my current school or am I required to enroll at Pope John XXIII High School?

Answer: Although it is highly recommended, enrolling at Pope John XXIII High School is not a requirement for playing hockey at BSHA.

Question: Does BSHA accept out of state applicants?

Answer: Yes. On campus housing is available. Pope John XXIII High School dorms are home to boarding students from across the country and around the world. They are supervised by full time residential life advisors and dorm parents. Boarders enjoy a newly renovated dining hall, student activities center, and laundry room for their convenience.

Question: Am I required to board?

Answer: No. Local students may commute to classes at Pope John XXIII High School.

Question: What level of hockey does BSHA play?

Answer: BSHA plays at the highest level of hockey available. It is a USA Hockey Tier 1 AAA Level Team. The team is eligible to compete for the USA Hockey Tier I national championship.

Question: How often does the hockey team practice?

Answer: The team will practice 4 times during a typical school week. Practices will be in the afternoon after classes end for the day.

Question: How many games does the hockey team play?

Answer: The team plays a highly competitive 55-65 game Tier 1 AAA level schedule consisting of highly recruited showcases, elite tournaments and competitive independent non-league games across the United States and Canada. The team is also eligible to compete for the USA Hockey Tier I national championships.

Question: How will I maintain my studies and grades while traveling with the team?

Answer: With Pope John XXIII, the players will have access to tutors, PSAT, SAT and ACT classes and supervised study hall.  While away from school players will be provided all necessary accommodations to maintain their academic standing.

Question: Who is responsible for transportation, accommodations, and expenses for showcases, tournaments and away games?

Answer: The team will take part in numerous highly scouted showcases and tournaments across the country. The team will travel to all events via the Boston Shamrocks state of the art coach bus. All travel and meal expenses will be covered by the team.

Question: What is the tuition for the Boston Shamrocks Hockey Academy at Pope John XXIII High School?

Answer: Tuition is broken down by the following: Note: Tuition includes books, school uniforms, equipment, travel and meal expenses.  Full time boarding student is $35,000.  Full time day student is $26,000.  Full time player NOT attending Pope John XXIII is $15,500.

Question: Is there a deadline date to apply to the Boston Shamrocks Hockey Academy at Pope John XXIII High School?

Answer: Yes.  Although the Boston Shamrocks Hockey Academy at Pope John XXIII offers rolling admissions it has an application deadline of June 1st.

Question: How do I apply to the Boston Shamrocks Hockey Academy at Pope John XXIII High School?

Answer: Complete and submit the preliminary application under the Admissions tab above.  All interested applicants should contact Head Coach Jon Sokolski at

Question: What should I do if I may have more questions not addressed here?

Answer: For more information about the Boston Shamrocks Hockey Academy at Pope John XXIII High School, please contact Head Coach Jon Sokolski at or 617-962-5500