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All BSHA players will have the opportunity to attend Pope John XXIII High School, a catholic co-educational college preparatory boarding school.Pope John XXIII has a reputation of a rigorous academic curriculum and a dedication to fostering compassion, justice, dignity and truth within a global community.

All students will take a full course load of 7 credits, with the exception of seniors who take six credits. Advanced Placement courses are offered in Biology, Calculus AB, Chemistry, English Literature, English Language Composition, European History, Physics, Spanish Language, Statistics, & United States History.


All players will have access to tutors through the school's College Accelerator Program (CAP). Players will have the opportunity to check in with their tutors on a daily basis in both one on one, and small group settings. This will allow our players to maintain a high academic standing throughout the season.

Team Policy

Players will be expected to uphold a certain level of academic excellence to remain eligible for the team. There is no specific grade point average that must be met, however the coaching staff will frequently check with teachers and tutors to be sure that a student's maximum efforts are being put forth.